The Soul Development Retreat

Payment: Full Payment

A transformative weekend connecting to your heart and connecting with nature on a retreat away from the busyness of life, in the secluded setting of Wisemans Ferry, just an hour and a half outside of Sydney. This four day retreat will delve deep into practical aspects of Islamic self-development and psycho-spiritual wellness. We will explore and practice muhasabah (self-introspection), tafakkur (contemplation) and ilm an nafs (the science of the soul within the Islamic tradition) and learn tools to implement in day to day life. Participants will engage in individual introspective directives as well as group process, in an experiential programme of self discovery and embodied spiritual practice. Some light physical exercise will be an integral part of the programme, with nature walks, archery, and martial arts, so be ready to invigorate your body as you enlighten your soul. The sessions will be facilitated by Dr. Abdallah Rothman, a scholar and practitioner of Islamic Psychology, with special guests including Dr. Samir Mahmoud and others.

Participation in this Retreat and its activities is on your own volition and you may withdraw yourself at any time. In the case of an unfortunate event which brings rise to any loss, misadventure or injury, you agree to indemnify Mizan from any costs as a result of or incidental to the unfortunate event.