The Rights of Parents : Al-Zafar bi'l-Murad fi'l-Birr bi'l-Aba wa'l-Ajdad


An English translation and commentary of Imam Muhammad Mawlud's poetic treatise on the rights of parents entitled Al-Zafar bi'l-Murad fi'l-Birr bi'l-Aba wa'l-Ajdad.

The commentary is concise and draws from Arabic commentaries full of quotations, anecdotes, and lessons from classical sources.

Translation and commentary by Rami Nsour al-Idrisi

Shaykh Muhammad Mawlud was from Mauritania in West Africa. He was a brilliant scholar who mastered all of the Islamic sciences, including the inward sciences of the soul. He was known for his knowledge and piety. Shaykh Muhammad Mawlud mastered the ability to transfer immense amounts of much needed knowledge to the masses by means of simple texts such as this text on Rights of Parents.

Rami Nsour al-Idrisi has studied Islamic sciences since 1998 under the guidance of a number traditional scholars in Mauritania. His teachers have given him Ijaza (traditional teaching license) in various subjects including Islamic Law, Creed and spirituality.