Your Avenue for Community & Knowledge.

An important local initiative that’s welcoming in spirit, offering respite from the turbulence and constrictions of our time.  - Ustadh Aftab Malik

Mizan Avenue in Sydney, Australia, was established for the quest for balance many in the West aspire to reach. We endeavoured to create a holistic space that allows people from all walks of life the opportunity to learn more about Islam.

We believe people without requisite knowledge shouldn’t feel isolated from learning centres, and we believe in creating inclusive spaces and not limiting access to knowledge. Our teachers are as diverse as our attendees and that’s something we’re proud of.

We encourage questions. We encourage conversations. But most of all, we encourage people to utilise Mizan as an avenue to build communities of support and meet like-minded people who are traversing the same path.

Mizan is a space where people can learn the basic tenets of sacred knowledge, while also aiming to stem the tide of confusion people have about modern-day dilemmas in an accessible and open environment.