Iftar with Shaykha Ieasha Prime

Mizan Avenue and Penny Appeal Australia host Shaykha Ieasha’s first event in Melbourne 2024. With the recent events around the world, it is more important than ever to be together with community, and amongst our scholars for guidance and reminders.

Your registration includes a talk by Shaykha, Iftar meal, and all children are welcome.

InshaAllah, we will also be collecting funds for Gaza. Bring your family and friends and don’t miss out on listening and being with a powerful female Muslim scholar.

Tarawih will be prayed in congregation at the venue.

Knowledge Intensive

How well do you know yourself, where your soul has been and where it's travelling to?
Mizan Avenue and Melbourne Muslim Seminary present an intensive class with Shaykha Ieasha Prime on the stages of your life. Lives of Man is a text written by Imam Al Haddad and delves into the five stages of human life: Before conception, life in the world, life in the grave, the resurrection, and heaven or hell. The text goes through extensive Qur'anic and Hadith references explaining the condition of the soul at each stage.

Enhance your Ramadan on a special Friday this Ramadan. The intensive coincides with a public holiday, making it the perfect occasion to strengthen your bond with Allah SWT through knowledge.

Men and women are all welcome. The program will also accommodate for Jumuah prayer.

Ladies Qiyam Night

On a blessed Thursday night of the blessed month of Ramadan, Mizan Avenue will Insha Allah be hosting a Ladies only Qiyam Ul Layl centred around the theme of Du'a and honouring the woman. We will be blessed by international guest, Shaykha Ieasha Prime will be providing us her powerful reminders and du'a. The night will also include an inspirational talk and du'a by local teacher, Ustadha Saara.

Ladies, here’s a night you don’t want to miss. Let us unite together, and fill our cup with a night of power, reflection, repentance, and calling upon Our Creator.

Children are welcome and Suhoor will be provided.