The Book of Love - Shaykh Muhammad Ninowy


With the poetic fragrance of Rumi, wisdom like Al-Ghazali, and the light of God's scripture, comes The Book of Love: a quiet yet compelling collection of reflections and pearls of wisdom that will inspire, motivate and guide you to a deeper understanding of love. It is the love that can bring fulfillment both in your own life and in your search for God. Though based on the foundational Islamic scriptures, the Quran & Prophetic Tradition, it transcends the usual boundaries of faith and belief to present the deeper guidance that lies at the core of them all. Each page contains a morsel of insight - short teachings meant to be savored and deeply pondered - gently calling the reader back to seeking love through their faith & conduct, to see through the lens of love, and to do so for the sake of love. In an age where we often feel inundated by negativity, conflict, and doubt, this book is intended to be a "breath of fresh air", uplifting the hearts to the universal language of Love.